Chen Wang

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Chen Wang


Associate Prof. of Intelligent Transportation Research Center

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Si-Pai-Lou 2,

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Chen Wang is currently an Associate Professor at Southeast University. He majors in Transportation Engineering, and mainly focuses on Traffic Safety, Traffic Simulation, and Intelligent Transportation System. He got his bachelor and master degree from Southeast University (China). Later, he furthered his study in the University of Kentucky (UKY) in the U.S and got his Ph.D degree in 2012. After graduated from UKY, he worked as a research associate (2013-2014) at Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) and an assistant professor at Tongji University (2014-2015). He joined Southeast University as a faculty member in 2016. He is now working on multiple research projects, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Transportation Commission, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Jiangsu science and Technology Department, etc.


He is now a member of TRB, ASCE and ITE. In addition, he is a reviewer of Accident Analysis and Prevention, Risk Analysis, Transportation Research Part D, Transportation Research Record, Traffic Injury Prevention etc.


Selected Papers (*corresponding author):


Wang, Chen, Xu Chengcheng, Xia Jingxin, Qian Zhendong, Modeling faults among e-bike-related fatal crashes in China, Traffic Injury Prevention, 2017, 18(2): 175-181.

Wang, ChenLu, LinjunLu, JianCorrelation between Crash Avoidance Maneuvers and Injury Severity Sustained by Motorcyclists in Single-Vehicle CrashesTraffic Injury Prevention2016172):188-194.

Wang, ChenStamatiadis, NikiforosSensitivity analysis on new simulation-based conflict metricsSafety Science201682399-409.

Wang, Chen, Lu L., Lu J., Wang T, Selection for optimal exit ramp type on Florida’s freeways based on operational analysis, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2016, 81.

Wang, ChenLu L.Lu J.Statistical Analysis of Bicyclists’ Injury Severity at Unsignalized IntersectionsTraffic Injury Prevention2015165):507-512.

Wang, ChenStamatiadis, NikiforosDerivation of a New Surrogate Measure of Crash SeverityTransportation Research Record201420142432):37-45.

Wang, ChenStamatiadis, NikiforosEvaluation of a simulation-based surrogate safety metricAccident Analysis and Prevention20147182-92.

Wang, ChenStamatiadis, NikiforosSurrogate Safety Measure for Simulation-Based Conflict StudyTransportation Research Record2013,(2386):72-80.

Lu, JianXing, YingyingWang, Chen*Risk factors affecting the severity of traffic accidents at Shanghai river-crossing tunnelTraffic Injury Prevention2016172):176-180.

Cai, XiaonanWang, Chen*Chen, ShengdiModel Development for Risk Assessment of Driving on Freeway under Rainy Weather ConditionsPLos One2016112):1-16.

Ma, Qingyuan, Wang, Chen*, Lu, Jian. Simulation Modeling on Emergency Evacuation in High-Speed Railway Stations in China. Journal of Donghua University, 2016,6.

Lu, LinjunWang, Chen*Zhang, YingChen, WeiDu, XinyueDevelopment of a Safety Assessment Tool for Long-Span Bridges Case Study of Sutong Bridge in ChinaTransportation Research Record2014,(2451):97-102.

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